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Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
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Patricia Barber
(Blue Note)
[listen] [buy]

Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
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Jim Pearce
“Why I Haven't Got You”
Prairie Dog Ballet
(Oak Avenue Publishing)
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Andy Timmons Band
“Gone (9/11/01)”
(Favored Nations)
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Ralph Towner
Time Line
(ECM Records)
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Anoushka Shankar

Amos Lee
"Arms Of A Woman"
Amos Lee
(Blue Note)

Julius Curcio
"American Pie"
Alligator Shoes
(Electric Roots)
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"Come Alive"
Changing Into Me
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ONE WAY CD Issue 15

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1. Bill Charlap - “’S Wonderful” > [listen]
The American Soul - Blue Note

The music of George Gershwin is considered one of America’s great treasures. Here pianist/arranger Bill Charlap gives a number of Gershwin’s hit tunes, the small jazz ensemble rendition.

2. Shelby Lynne - “Go With It” > [listen]
Suit Yourself - Anti-

“The best thing she’s done since winning the Grammy” - Blender

“Her latest release could be a home recording, but its uncluttered classicism couldn’t be more current. Low-key country-soul delights like “I Cry Everyday” fall comfortably between Bright Eyes and Norah Jones without apparently trying.” - Rolling Stone

3. Daniel Lanois - “Agave” > [listen]
Belladonna - Anti-

Lanois’ new release Belladonna is an instrumental record that captures the often tense emotional dynamics of ambient icon Brian Eno’s pioneering albums. Anchored by Lanois’ emotive pedal-steel guitar playing, the album also features powerful contributions from master pianist Brad Mehldau and drummer Brian Blade (Dylan, Joni Mitchell). Dense textures evolve into delicate Mexican melodies, capturing the disquieting serenity of the landscapes of the American southwest. As a realization of work begun so many years ago with Eno, Belladonna is Lanois’ defining moment.

4. Dave's True Story - “World In Which We Live” > [listen]
Nature - Bepop

“New York hipsters Dave’s True Story mix it up with smoldering grooves and cheeky beatnik lyrics...” -Billboard

New York trio Dave’s True Story is proud to announce the release of their new album, Nature, in stores April 19th on their own BePop Records. Known for their critically acclaimed prior releases, Sex Without Bodies (1998), Unauthorized (2000), and Dave’s True Story (2002), the jazzy pop ensemble dims the lights and darkens the grooves on Nature, cleverly exploring the topics of love, sleeplessness and global ennui.

5. Loch Ness - “Tailspin” > [listen]
Loch Ness - Loch Ness

Ranging from the richly atmospheric, musical, tapestry of songs such as “Oh My Stars” and “Newcomers At Home”, to the instantly popular, melodic, sounds of “Tailspin” and “Nuda Veritas,” Loch Ness, with these first recordings (apparently the first of many), an eclectic variety of original songs that undertake the task of expanding the tight folds of the contemporary rock music genre. As I see it, this independent group from Montreal, are poised and ready for what may well be a busy and important year for them to come. -Jorge Fernandez (Miami 411)

6. Death In Vegas - “Ein Fur Die Damen” > [listen]
Satan’s Circus - Fuel2000/the Lab

Satan’s Circus is Death In Vegas’ most original work to date. The album incorporates everything from dub to ambient and experimental elements, along with scattered live instrumentation and markers of all that has led to this point, its mesmerizing magic functions in a way that is uniquely Death in Vegas. The act’s previous material is showcased on the special live album recorded at London’s Brixton Academy and is included as a bonus disc with this release. Satan’s Circus, however, offers not only a reinforcement of the light-from-darkness concept, but also a statement of intent. It’s the product of a group that is much more concerned with artistic expression than expectations. And it’s the sound of a band that knows exactly where it’s going.

7. Michael Galasso - “The Other” > [listen]
High Lines - ECM

Born into a musical family in Louisiana, Michael Galasso was educated on an eclectic mix of musical styles, including classical, blues, zydeco, & American Modernism. He has worked with dramatist Robert Wilson and Korean film director Wong Kar-Wai, composing in a highly original style that fuses the major influences of his upbringing with Iranian and Central Asian music. The track featured here, “The Other,” features the distinctive sound of Norwegian guitar legend Terje Rypdal.

8. Raul Midon - “State Of Mind” > [listen]
State Of Mind - Manhattan

The soaring singing, songwriting & guitar playing talents of Raul Midon have come together along with guest appearances by Jason Mraz & Stevie Wonder and production by Arif & Joe Mardin to create “STATE OF MIND”. Check out the title track here.

9. Terence Blanchard - “Wadagbe - Intro” > [listen]
Flow - Blue Note

Trumpeter/composer Terrance Blanchard’s 2nd Blue Note album produced by Herbie Hancock is a colorful & diverse collection of works rooted in jazz & world music.

10. Terence Blanchard - “Wadagbe” > [listen]
Flow - Blue Note

Trumpeter/composer Terrance Blanchard’s 2nd Blue Note album produced by Herbie Hancock is a colorful & diverse collection of works rooted in jazz & world music.

11. Bradley Leighton - “Carefree” > [listen]
Just Doin’ Our Thang - Pacific Coast Jazz

Just Doin’ Our Thang (Pacific Coast Jazz) brings Leighton’s alto flute to blend perfectly with the smooth, classic Hammond B3 sound in an unusual combination in jazz. It’s warm, mellow sound combined with the classic, rich background provided by a great B3 trio give this collection of freshly arranged standards and four original compositions a smooth warm glow. These innovative arrangements of new and old jazz standards bring a breath of fresh air to the genre. Available mid-May at Tower and other major music retailers or online at www.fluteguy.com

12. Babatunde Lea - “Motivation” > [listen]
Suite Unseen: Summoner Of The Ghost - Motema

Babatunde’s most compelling CD to date, SUITE UNSEEN is a deeply moving, “African inspired jazz journey,” that explores the route of jazz from the traditional rhythms of Africa, through the ‘middle passage’ of spirituals and into present day explorations, such as Lea’s innovative arrangement of James Taylor’s classic, “Fire & Rain.” This project is for lovers of rhythm, melody and powerful music from the heart.

13. Jim Pearce - “Debbie’s Blue Bicycle” > [listen]
Washington Square Park - Jim Pearce

World class jazz musicians playing intensely cooking to hauntingly beautiful tunes by award winning composer and pianist Jim Pearce. The title song “Washington Square Park” features jazz vocalist Rene Marie. Burning sax, trumpet and piano improv on original tunes that should become standards.

Available at Cdbaby.com Towerrecords.com and most download services.

14. Lawrence Lebo - “Was That Love”
Don’t Call Her Larry, Vol 2 - On The Air

“Tuneful, assured singing.”…Allen Scott, JazzTimes Magazine. Dripping with sex and sarcasm, vocalist extraordinaire Lawrence Lebo emotes an innovative hybrid of jazz/blues/roots musical styling. On Don’t Call Her Larry, Vol. 2, Lawrence swings, scats, and moans to both originally penned compositions, and originally arranged classics that run the gamut from contemporary jazz, to acoustic swing, to rocking electric blues. This follow up to her critically acclaimed debut EP is sure to keep her loyal fans smiling, as well as to recruit new worshipers.

15. Télépopmusik - “Into Everything” > [listen]
Angel Milk - Capitol

The French electronic outfit Télépopmusik is the musical home of the artistic trio Fabrice Dumont, Stephan Haeri, and Christophe Hetier. Their Capitol Records debut, Genetic World, sparked international curiosity and the single “Breathe” was a dance staple for months. Eventually, the track landed a spot in the 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander ad campaign. Their latest release, Angel Milk, shows continued growth uncanny sonic craftsmanship.

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