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Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
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Patricia Barber
(Blue Note)
[listen] [buy]

Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
[listen] [buy] [download]

Jim Pearce
“Why I Haven't Got You”
Prairie Dog Ballet
(Oak Avenue Publishing)
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Andy Timmons Band
“Gone (9/11/01)”
(Favored Nations)
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Ralph Towner
Time Line
(ECM Records)
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Anoushka Shankar

Amos Lee
"Arms Of A Woman"
Amos Lee
(Blue Note)

Julius Curcio
"American Pie"
Alligator Shoes
(Electric Roots)
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"Come Alive"
Changing Into Me
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ONE WAY CD Issue 5

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1. Leona Naess - “Calling” > [listen]
Leona Naess - Geffen

Her Self-Titled New Album. In Stores Now. For More Info: www.leonanaess.com. Courtesy of Geffen Records.

2. Joss Stone - “The Chokin' Kind” > [listen]
The Soul Sessions - S-Curve Records

The Soul Sessions is the kind of deep soul record that doesn't get made anymore, and it heralds the arrival of a rare talent. "Joss has a keen sense of soul, and a keen sense of where she wants to go. She's a powerhouse with a very learned voice for her age…" says soul artist Betty Wright. Joss was featured on NPR's All Things Considered.

3. Randy Newman - “Political Science” > [listen]
Songbook Vol I - Nonesuch

Someone once said that there are only two kinds of Randy Newman songs: the good ones, and the masterpieces. Throughout the first three decades of his career, he has made music that is at once poignant and playful, tragic and comic, nostalgic and contemporary. Produced by Mitchell Froom, Songbook Vol. 1, Randy’s first-ever solo studio recording, takes a fresh look at the classic and more recent titles from his celebrated body of work.

4. Cesaria Evora - “Velocidade” > [listen]
Voz D' Amor - Bluebird/Aal

The Barefoot Diva of morna returns with a fabulous new studio album! SEE Cesaria on tour starting October 28th!

5. Cassandra Wilson - “Fragile” > [listen]
Glamoured - Bluenote

Cassandra Wilson sets a mood with her trademark mix of first-rate originals and adventurous covers, this time covering material by Sting, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Muddy Waters and Abbey Lincoln. As one of the finest singers of the contemporary jazz scene, her albums range from the pop-inflected to all-out jazz. Glamoured is Cassandra's 5th Blue Note release.

6. CAB - “Shizuka” > [listen]
CAB 4 - Favored Nations

CAB 4 is CAB's first release on favored Nations. It's the most incendiary collision of rock, jazz, passion, and blinding chops that you'll hear anywhere today. CAB consists of guitar monster Tony MacAlpine, bass wizard Bunny Brunel, legendary organist Brian Auger, keyboard innovator Patrice Rushen, and drum dynamo Dennis Chambers.

7. Seal - “Waiting For You” > [listen]
Seal IV - Warner Bros.

Seal's first album since 1998, and the third of his career to be self-titled, is the singer-songwriter's most sophisticated masterpiece to date. With strings, horns, an orchestra and a choir, Seal sets an ever-higher standard for the multiplatinum - selling, Grammy-winning, critically acclaimed superstar. Transcending pop, rock, dance and soul, Seal once again affixes his own stamp to music.

8. Eric Bibb - “Too Much Stuff” > [listen]
Natural Light - Earth Beat

Natural Light is eric Bibb's 5th and best CD to date! Produced by Dave Bronze, it feature a variety of roots music including folk, blues, country, and jazz with a focus on the introspective personal side of life. Catch Bibb live at McCabes in Santa Monica on 11/1.

9. Jana Herzen - “Soup'S On Fire (Runaway Train)” > [listen]
Soup'S On Fire - Motema

Motema founder Jana Herzen powerfully debuts serving up a sensual brew of world-tinged alt-pop. Lush instrumentation produced by Shaka Ra, Afro-Pop composer behind "Yaleo" in Santana's Supernatural. Watch for Herzen's West Coast tour featuring fellow Motema artist, master drummer, Babatunde Lea. Jana was featured on Lea's Soul Pools. See track # 14.

10. Leandra Hill - “Fear” > [listen]
Somewhere In Between - Leandra Hill

While many vocalists claim to infuse their experiences into their vocal expressions, Leandra Hill does not need to make any claims. Simply listen to hear the truth. Acoustic guitar that tastes of the Eagles, vocals that ring flashes of Joni Mitchell. Beauty unparalleled. Honorable Mention, Billboard International Songwriting Contest.

11. Koop (Astor Piazzolla Remixed) - “Vuelvo Al Sur” > [listen]
Astor Piazzolla Remixed - Milan

"Koops post modern swingbop takes "Vuelvo al Sur" into a balmy, sun burnished zone replete with breaking waves, mellifluous vibes and Alessandro Alessandroni style whistling." - Gilles Peterson.

12. Nemojoe - “What Was I Thinking” > [listen]
Now You Know - Waterbed

With a cruel, seductive style and refreshing melodic grooves, Minneapolis-based NemoJoe will make you say, "I don't know these guys, but I wish they were my friends." It's music for people with problems. Who like to rock!

13. Van Morrison - “Once In A Blue Moon” > [listen]
What's Wrong With This Picture? - Blue Note

Van Morrison is widely admired by musicians, critics, and fans of all stripes. Throughout his illustrious career he’s been able to create some of the most-loved songs in music, while blazing trails by incorporating R&B, jazz, blues, and Celtic influences into popular music. What’s Wrong With This Picture? Is Van’s first for Blue Note and it’s an amazing mixture of all of the influences that have marked his amazing career.

14. Babatunde Lea - “Jackie & The Beanstalk” > [listen]
Soul Pools - Motema

Lea's Afro-Latino-cosmic-jazz tour-de-force double disc features legends Hilton Ruiz, Emie Watts and Frank Lacy. Watch for the re-release of Level of Intent, the cornerstone in the trilogy that defined Lea's style as a leader. This master drummer/percussionist/leader exemplifies"...everything that is not dead about Jazz" - SF Weekly, 4-Stars-Downbeat.

15. Joe Henry - “Tiny Voices” > [listen]
Tiny Voices - Anti-

On Tiny Voices, Joe Henry shows that he is really hitting his stride, seamlessly blending Jazz with the singer-songwriter tradition like no one has been able to pull off since Tom Waits. "Joe Henry's Tiny Voices is a record in which a sharp view of the world and confidential experience collide in a wonderful musical and sonic fabric that is entirely his own." - Elvis Costello.

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