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Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
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Patricia Barber
(Blue Note)
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Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
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Jim Pearce
“Why I Haven't Got You”
Prairie Dog Ballet
(Oak Avenue Publishing)
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Andy Timmons Band
“Gone (9/11/01)”
(Favored Nations)
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Ralph Towner
Time Line
(ECM Records)
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Anoushka Shankar

Amos Lee
"Arms Of A Woman"
Amos Lee
(Blue Note)

Julius Curcio
"American Pie"
Alligator Shoes
(Electric Roots)
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"Come Alive"
Changing Into Me
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ATO Patty Griffin: All Good News
By Dean Truitt
Children Running Through

Patty Griffin is a stalwart survivor, which has served her well in weathering the torrential storms of the music business. She didn’t begin her professional music career in earnest until signing with A&M Records a few years after turning 30.

Story appears in issue # 25   Buy Issue

Telarc Al Di Meola: Truth And Consequence
By Dean Truitt
Consequence of Chaos

For over three decades, Al Di Meola has expanded the boundaries of guitar in terms of technique, style, harmony, and arrangement in a manner similar to Alexander the Great’s territorial conquest of the Ancient World. One cannot overstate his influence.

Story appears in issue # 24   Buy Issue

Warner Bros. Robert Randolph & The Family Band: Divine Steel
By Dean Truitt

While rock music is generally not known for spawning virtuosos to the same degree as the jazz or classical fields, the genre has yielded a select few who have so completely rewritten the language and range of expression on their instruments that their seismic wake influences other artists to approach music with an entirely new outlook.

Story appears in issue # 23   Buy Issue

EMI Kasey Chambers: Just Letting It Happen
By Lynen Bronstein

The first thing that will strike listeners about the new Kasey Chambers album Carnival, is that unlike her previous works, it rocks. Yeah, I kicked it into gear a little more,” says Kasey. “I didn’t think about it very much - it just came out that way.”

Story appears in issue # 22   Buy Issue

Blue Note Ptricia Barber: Ptricia Barber's Mythologies
By Scott Yanow

Throughout her career, singer-pianist-composer Patricia Barber has always traveled her own path. Her most recent project, a song cycle titled Mythologies, is based on The Metamorphoses Of Ovid, an ancient classic that features 11 characters from Greek mythology that were written about by the Roman poet, Ovid.

Story appears in issue # 22   Buy Issue

Velour Ptricia Barber:
By Dean Truitt
...Until We Felt Red

Looking back through almost any musician’s (or band’s) catalog, one will typically find that the early material is generally superior to later work. Though there have been many debatable excpeptions to this trend, most creative types tend to repeat themselves or become complacent.

Story appears in issue # 22   Buy Issue

Warner Bros. Flaming Lips: Psychedelic Soldiers
By Dean Truitt
At War With The Mystics

Wayne Coyne is an overachiever, a notorious workaholic, and possibly a genius, which is somewhat of an unusual statement about a man who proudly spent 11 years of his life working as the first mate at a Long John Silver’s in Oklahoma City.

Story appears in issue # 20   Buy Issue

Virgin Ben Harper: Shooting for a Better Way
By Dean Truitt
Both Sides Of The Gun

Ever since emerging onto the musical landscape with his debut release, Welcome to the Cruel World, singer-songwriter Ben Harper has channeled a wide array of musical styles to deliver heartfelt messages of protest, love, and empathy for the human condition and its challenges.

Story appears in issue # 19   Buy Issue

Columbia Burt Bacharach: At This Time
By Dean Truitt
At This Time

Burt Bacharach’s name resides comfortably in the rarefied company of the other 20th century pop music masterminds such as: George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, and Brian Wilson.

Story appears in issue # 18   Buy Issue

Sony Trey Anastasio: Solo Success
By Dean Truitt

No one could ever accuse Trey Anastasio of playing it safe or maintaining the status quo for no reason. As the leader of Phish for 21 years, the singer/songwriter/guitarist pioneered an experimental “jam band” whose success had not been reached since The Grateful Dead’s.

Story appears in issue # 17   Buy Issue

Angel Anoushka Shankar: Rise
By Jason Sklar

Anoushka Shankar, 23, daughter of legendary sitarist Ravi Shankar and half sister of Norah Jones, commands recognition in her own right with the release of Rise, her fourth album for Angel Records.

Story appears in issue # 16   Buy Issue
Listen to Anoushka Shankar on the ONE WAY CD 16

Bepop Dave Brubeck Quartet: London Flat, London Sharp
By Jason Sklar
london flat london sharp

In 1958, Dave Brubeck set off from London on his first tour of Europe. 47 years later he’s recorded London Flat, London Sharp, his latest swinging quartet release on Telarc.

Story appears in issue # 15   Buy Issue

Blue Note Bill Charlap: The American Soul
By Jason Sklar
The American Soul

Gershwin once said, “Jazz is the voice of the American soul.” As such, it was only a matter of time before pianist Bill Charlap recorded an album with jazz renditions of Gershwin’s esteemed compositions.

Story appears in issue # 15   Buy Issue
Listen to Bill Charlap on the ONE WAY CD 15

Nonesuch Joshua Redman: And Freedom On The Other
By Jason Sklar

Recorded in September 2003, Momentum brings yet another fortified helping of well-groomed funk groove playing.

Story appears in issue # 15   Buy Issue

Nonesuch San Francisco Jazz Collective: And Freedom On The Other
By Jason Sklar
The San Francisco Jazz Collective 2005

When thinking generally and conceptually about what the band would be and what it would feel like for the members, Joshua Redman sculpted the San Francisco Jazz Collective as “a composer’s workshop.”

Story appears in issue # 15   Buy Issue

Columbia/Red Ink Aqualung: Strange & Beautiful: A New Cover For A Familiar Sound
By Mandana Beigi
Strange And Beautiful

Strange and Beautiful is supposed to retell the story of Aqualung (aka Matt Hales), who had already become a familiar voice in the UK by a popular VW Beetle commercial featuring his song, “Strange and Beautiful,” in 2002.

Story appears in issue # 14   Buy Issue
Listen to Aqualung on the ONE WAY CD 14

Blue Note Keren Ann: No Lolita: A Whisper, Not A Scream
By Lynne Bronstein

The title of Keren Ann’s new album Nolita brings to mind the famous novel and film about an older man and a young girl. But that isn’t exactly the intent. “Lolita is a fiction character who had to do with innocence,” Keren explains.

Story appears in issue # 14   Buy Issue
Listen to Keren Ann on the ONE WAY CD 14

Nonesuch Pat Metheny: The Way Up
By Dean Truitt
The Way Up

Since his emergence on the jazz scene with the release of his debut album, Bright Size Life, Pat Metheny has constantly redefined nearly every aspect of playing guitar.

Story appears in issue # 13   Buy Issue
Listen to Pat Metheny on the ONE WAY CD 13

Nonesuch Brian Wilson: Something To Smile About
By Dean Truitt

For nearly four decades, the world waited anxiously for the release of history’s most famous unfinished record. In 1967, Brian Wilson, pop’s hailed genius, was carefully crafting the album entitled Smile, which was to be the triumphant follow-up to Pet Sounds, a recording that is still widely regarded as the genre’s finest hour in the last 50 years.

Story appears in issue # 12   Buy Issue

Anti- Nick Cave: Finding The Four-Year-Old
By Ken Micallef
The Lyre of Orpheus and Abattoir Blues

Meeting Nick Cave is not what you would expect. No long-winded tales of death and danger, no pretentious airs or circuitous mind games. No, Nick Cave is a straight shooter. Let’s get down to business. Time is short. Your time is short. And the clock is ticking.

Story appears in issue # 11   Buy Issue
Listen to Nick Cave on the ONE WAY CD 11

Motema Lynne Arriale: Come Together
By Jason Sklar
Come Together

After reaching number 17 on the Billboard charts in February 2003, claiming a #1 spot on the Radio Jazz Charts and heading up the Top 10 Best Jazz CDs of 2003 as selected by UPI, pianist Lynne Arriale and her trio return with some zesty originals and classy covers in fine jazz fashion.

Story appears in issue # 10   Buy Issue
Listen to Lynne Arriale on the ONE WAY CD 10

Mammoth/Hollywood Los Lobos: The Wolves Are Back...To Take You On The Ride
By Mandana Beigi
The Ride

So, it is the year 2004 and a lot has changed since 1974. The population of East Los Angeles has almost tripled over the last three decades, MTV has been created, and MP3s are ruling the music world. One century has ended and another has begun. But one thing still remains the same: Los Lobos.

Story appears in issue # 8   Buy Issue
Listen to Los Lobos on the ONE WAY CD 8

Warner Bros. Brad Mehldau: Anything Goes
Anything Goes

It has been two years since pianist Brad Mehldau’s last studio release. While Largo was very much about the collaboration of Mehldau with producer Jon Brion, Mehldau’s newest installment comes as a return to the trio sound. Anything Goes again finds Mehldau with bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jorge Rossy. The three jazzmen have captured a truly visceral group sound, while retaining a high level of smart interplay.

Story appears in issue # 7   Buy Issue
Listen to Brad Mehldau on the ONE WAY CD 7

Anti- Jolie Holland: Spooky American Fairytales
By Lynne Bronstein

In a time of many independent CDs and few outlets for independent music, Jolie Holland has beaten the odds. Her album, Catalpa, originally issued in a limited edition and sold at gigs and through the Internet, has just been reissued on Epitaph's Anti label.

Story appears in issue # 6   Buy Issue

Arista Dido: Dido Gives Thanks Again
By Dave Lewis
Life For Rent

Though she ran the risk of being known only for her 1999 collaboration with controversial rapper Eminem on the hit single "Stan," British pop diva Dido was able to escape the shadow of Slim Shady and come into commercial and artistic success on her own.

Story appears in issue # 5   Buy Issue

Vanguard Quetzal: Song And Revolution
By Peter Vouras

The Quetzal bird has been called "the most spectacular bird in the world." According to Mayan legend, the Quetzal has always symbolized freedom. Freedom because, once captured, it would die.

Story appears in issue # 4   Buy Issue

Ropeadope Charlie Hunter: Bridging Brain With Booty
By Ken Micallef
Right Now Move

“Oakland,” from Charlie Hunter’s latest album, Right Now Move, is the kind of instrumental tour de force that makes musicians cry and causes fans to gasp for breath.

Story appears in issue # 3   Buy Issue
Listen to Charlie Hunter on the ONE WAY CD 3

Virgin Ben Harper: Every Facet Of The Diamond
By Lynne Bronstein
Diamonds On The Inside

In today's music scene, where everyone is supposed to fit easily into a "genre," Ben Harper refuses to fit. And that's fine with him and his fans.

Story appears in issue # 2   Buy Issue
Listen to Ben Harper on the ONE WAY CD 2

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