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Cirque Du Soleil
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Patricia Barber
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Cirque Du Soleil
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Jim Pearce
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Feature [Issue #9]
Dave Lewis: Coachella Valley Music Festival

Some 100,000 fans braved the desert heat (100+ degrees) over two days at this year’s Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, California. For the fifth time since its inception, Coachella has proved to be the ultimate American rock fest.

Over 75 bands, rappers, and DJs appeared and the five-stage festival provided more music than one could possibly take in.

Typical of the fest, many fans baking in the sun outside the overflowing Gobi tent could only hear (but not see) Beck’s Saturday afternoon performance. Things

were better at the second stage Saturday night, with a hip-hop heavy line-up featuring Eyedea and Abilities, MF Doom Kool Keith, and others. The highlight of the first night for many was the return of the Pixies. Despite some minor rough spots, they brought down the house.

Radiohead provided an excellent crescendo Saturday night. They stuck mainly to their hits, and offered a spirited take on the decade-old “Creep.”Saturday’s

best performance came from Kraftwerk. Their multi-media presentation was both euphoric and chilling as songs like “Computer World” sounded as relevant today as they did 25 years ago.

Sunday was even hotter, but few of the bands seemed to suffer for it. Muse’s

tired-sounding Brit-pop helped prove that there can be only one Radiohead. Later on, rappers Atmosphere hit some technical snags, but delivered a fun set. Soon after, rapper Sage Francis dished out the rhymes and the satiric commentary in equal doses. Main stagers Belle and Sebastian charmed with their ‘60s-inflected pop, after which Air delivered a stellar collection of songs.

The Flaming Lips offered too much political rhetoric and not enough music. Still, they provided the most awesome sight of the night: singer Wayne Coyne crowd surfing in a giant plastic bubble.

Second stage headliners Le Tigre added a badly needed shot of estrogen to the line-up (they were one of maybe three female groups).

Meanwhile, on the main stage, the Cure played endlessly, and went a half hour over curfew during their encore, tearing through hits like “Love Cats” and “Boys Don’t Cry.”
Heat, crowds, lines, and outrageous ticket prices weren’t enough to ruin Coachella. With this year’s line-up, nothing could.

Coachella Valley Music Festival Dave Lewis

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