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Cirque Du Soleil
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Patricia Barber
(Blue Note)
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Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
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Jim Pearce
“Why I Haven't Got You”
Prairie Dog Ballet
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Julius Curcio
"American Pie"
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"Come Alive"
Changing Into Me
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Music Software [Issue #20]
: Transfer your old tapes to CD and MP3
By Perry B.
SoundSoap 2 (Software Bias Inc.)

I had all these old tapes lying around. Keepsakes from my childhood, “bootleg” recordings of favorite bands, some cool demos from virtually unknown bands of the ‘80s that never made it to CD, that kind of stuff.

The tapes were starting to deteriorate significantly plus some of my favorite songs were on there and I wanted to have them on CD and my iPod. But good luck trying to get an old, horrible-sounding tape sound like a CD, right? Wrong!!! Enter my Mac laptop (Ed. Note: this article applies to PC users equally), Garage Band, and SoundSoap 2: Bias Inc’s simply incredible noise removal – audio enhancement and restoration tool.

OK. So let’s take this one step at a time. I am confident that anyone can do this with only a simple understanding of how a computer works and an hour or so to become familiar with the basic navigation of the software.

First, make sure you have the required cable. You need a Mini To RCA (Monster makes a good one for about $7 at Radio Shack). Connect that to your stereo’s line out and in your computer’s line in. Put the tape in and cue it to the beginning of the song or other audio you want to transfer.

After you complete the installation process of SoundSoap 2 (a breeze), open Garage Band and create a new file and name it. Make sure to choose Line In as your device for sound input under Sound Preferences in your computer’s System Preferences before you go any further. Great! Now go to the Track menu and select “New Track.” From the window that will open select “Real Instrument” and “Basic Track” and “No Effects” from the left and right columns respectively. Make sure “Stereo” is selected and click OK. Hit the Record button and immediately start playback on your tape player. The audio is now being recorded in your computer. Make sure you leave the hiss in the beginning of the tape to be recorded. Don’t cue the song right to the point where the music begins. We will need the hiss when we are cleaning up the audio later in SoundSoap2. So, the song is done and we’ve stopped the tape player and Garage Band. Now select “Export To iTunes” from the File menu. Find the file in the iTunes Library and drag it to the desktop. You should have a file on your desktop with the extension “.aif.”

You are now ready to experience SoundSoap’s magic! Open SoundSoap 2. From the File menu choose “Open Media File.” In the finder window that will open locate the sound file and select “Open.” Clicking the “Play” button (bottom left of the interface) will start playing the song. Use the spacebar to stop the playback then take the top triangle (slider) and drag it to all the way to the left. Click “Learn Noise” then click “Play” (or hit the spacebar). SoundSoap 2 will analyze the various frequencies and create a noise profile that it will use to eliminate that annoying tape hiss and other noise from your old tapes. Experiment with the “Noise Tuner” and “Noise Reduction” knobs as well as the “Noise Only” button where you can hear the noise you’re cutting off (if you hear music of course, adjust the “Noise Tuner” knob so you are only cutting the noise). The oval shaped window in the center of the interface helps you to “see” the audio that goes in (with the noise - left side) from the one that goes out (without the noise - right side). Click the “Off” and “On” buttons while playback to compare the effect of the clean-up! If your tape is in really bad shape use the “Enhance” slider on the right to add some oomph to the audio. Like what you hear? Click the “Apply” button. After you are done select “Save As” and choose a different name for your audio file (keep the original until you are absolutely 100% satisfied with the audio clean-up job). Voila! If you want an MP3 or an AAC for your iPod import the file in iTunes and convert to desired file format.

See? Very easy! But don’t be fooled. SoundSoap 2 is a serious tool and is used by professionals every single day in studios around the world. Once you get the hang of it you can really do this with your eyes closed. It took me a little over an hour to completely transfer, clean-up, and burn onto a CD a 40 minute tape. And you can do that with your old LPs, video footage, live recordings, etc., as well. Have fun!

SoundSoap 2 is available from the nice folks at Bias (www.bias-inc.com) for the ridiculous price of $99 (which now and for a limited time includes a copy of their recording/editing/processing application Peak Express 5).

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SoundSoap 2
Bias Inc.

Transfer your old tapes to CD and MP3 SoundSoap 2

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