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Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
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Patricia Barber
(Blue Note)
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Cirque Du Soleil
(Cirque Du Soleil)
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Jim Pearce
“Why I Haven't Got You”
Prairie Dog Ballet
(Oak Avenue Publishing)
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Andy Timmons Band
“Gone (9/11/01)”
(Favored Nations)
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Ralph Towner
Time Line
(ECM Records)
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Anoushka Shankar

Amos Lee
"Arms Of A Woman"
Amos Lee
(Blue Note)

Julius Curcio
"American Pie"
Alligator Shoes
(Electric Roots)
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"Come Alive"
Changing Into Me
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Rising Stars!

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Lost Wax Music

Hot Club Of San Francisco: Postcards From Gypsyland
By Ken Micallef
Postcards From Gypsysland

Everything old becomes new again, just listen to the furious fingers and romantic tones of Hot Club of San Francisco. Recreating the gypsy swing of French guitarist Django Reinhardt with a quintet of three guitars, violin, and bass, Hot Club of San Francisco are spearheading a new movement with an old sound.

Story appears in issue # 15   Buy Issue


Dave's True Story: Sounds Of Success

One of the Big Apple’s best-kept secrets may be starting to lose its clandestine status. On their latest CD, Nature, the eclectic jazz-pop trio, Dave’s True Story, finds itself poised to reap the benefits of a DIY career with a penchant for going against the grain.

Story appears in issue # 15   Buy Issue
Listen to Dave's True Story on the ONE WAY CD 15


Aimee Mann: A Mann Stands Alone
By Dave Lewis
The Forgotten Arm

LA-based singer-songwriter Aimee Mann has quite a few stories to tell. After the multi-platinum success of her band, ‘Til Tuesday, four critically acclaimed solo records and, a decade’s worth of troubles with various record companies, Mann is now heading out on a new kind of adventure: releasing a concept album.

Story appears in issue # 15   Buy Issue


Tord Gustavsen Trio: From The Group Up
By Jason Sklar
The Ground

Recently dubbed the #1 album on the Norwegian popular music chart, The Ground, The Tord Gustavsen Trio’s second release on ECM has achieved an impressive feat for any artist, let alone a jazz artist! Gustavsen presents tiptoeing piano jazz that repeats notes like Brad Mehldau, that wanders like Keith Jarrett, that gazes like the Bill Evans Trio with Scott LaFaro, but swings even more gently as if playing tapered endings of songs for entire tracks.

Story appears in issue # 14   Buy Issue
Listen to Tord Gustavsen Trio on the ONE WAY CD 14

Play It Again Sam

Tim Burgess: I Believe
By Mandana Beigi
I Believe

He calls it his “sunshine record.” He enjoys living in the Sunshine State and loves the ocean and the California cuisine. He is the lead singer of the iconic Brit-pop band The Charlatans, an accomplished DJ and a regular in the Los Angeles party scene. He is Tim Burgess, the man behind the voice that took “The Only One I Know” to the top of the UK charts in 1991.

Story appears in issue # 14   Buy Issue


The John Butler Trio: Soulful Terrain
By Dean Truitt
Sunrise Over Sea

With the recent surge of several popular Australian artists including: Jet, Keith Urban, The Vines, and Kasey Chambers, it appears Down Under is on top of the music landscape.

Story appears in issue # 13   Buy Issue


Sylvie Lewis: Something Extra
By Lynne Bronstein
Tangos And Tantrums

Although Sylvie Lewis strikes the pose of a seductive chanteuse on the cover of her album Tangos and Tantrums, she’s a cabaret singer for the 21st century

Story appears in issue # 13   Buy Issue
Listen to Sylvie Lewis on the ONE WAY CD 13

Blue Note

Amos Lee: Tune Teacher
By Dave Lewis
Amos Lee

Philly-based Amos Lee, carrying the torch of 1970s singer-songwriters with more than just a dash of soul influence, releases his self-titled first album on Blue Note records this March

Story appears in issue # 13   Buy Issue
Listen to Amos Lee on the ONE WAY CD 13

Yoshitoshi Recordings

Morel: Morel Gets Lucky
By Dave Lewis
Lucky Strike

As radio playlists get less imaginative everyday, artists that push the envelope, mix genres, and challenge the mainstream are growing fewer by the minute.

Story appears in issue # 12   Buy Issue

Century Of Progress

Judith Owen: Christmas With the Devil
By Jason Sklar
Christmas In July

Elves in leather. Angels in chains. No bells in hell, no snow below.

Story appears in issue # 12   Buy Issue
Listen to Judith Owen on the ONE WAY CD 12


Gabriela Anders: A Paper Doll With A Soul To Burn
By Mandana Beigi
Last Tango In Rio

With the release of her second album, Last Tango in Rio, the Argentinean jazz chanteuse Gabriela Anders has given us yet another mesmerizing record.

Story appears in issue # 11   Buy Issue


Low Millions: I'm Your Son
By Peter Vouras

I imagine it must be difficult to be the child of someone famous and even more difficult to try and achieve success in the same field. Some have been very successful (Rufus Wainwright) and others not as successful (Sean Lennon).

Story appears in issue # 11   Buy Issue
Listen to Low Millions on the ONE WAY CD 11


Tom McRae: Gloom Amidst Sunshine
By Lynne Bronstein
Just Like Blood

“Coming from England, I thought that anywhere the sun shone would be heaven for me,” says Tom McRae. “But it turned into my own personal hell.” Sunshine wasn’t good inspiration for McRae’s darkly philosophical songs. “I threw curtains over the windows, pulled a duvet over my head, struck a match, and lit a candle.”

Story appears in issue # 11   Buy Issue

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